Interesting cameras and videos from Nikon

A Trio of new Nikons

A Trio of new KeyMission Nikons

Toronto. Links from PHSc member and friend George Dunbar are always of interest to members. This Nikon link introduces a trio of unique KeyMission cameras. They interact with your smart phone. Each camera has a different field of view Р from the 360 degree camera to the 170 degree panorama camera and 80 degree model. All three are small, give high quality images and do both video and stills. And they are waterproof and shockproof too!

These wearable and mountable cameras give a new look to your photographs and videos. Spend a few minutes on each video to see the impact that each has – you will then agree that digital has come a long way, allowing you to take photos and videos impossible just a few years ago.


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