Chico and the Man…

Chico Flash Set for Leica

Chico Flash Set for Leica

Toronto. Post war Leicas from the IIIf had the flash sync built-in. The most common post war flash was the CEYOO.

Chico was a cheaper and smaller all plastic flash with the same segmented folding aluminum reflector design and the battery-capacitor circuitry.

The basic flash was code named DFOOC and was sold from 1954 – 1959, It came with a flash cord or you could get a DFHOO pivoting holder with a built-in connection for the IIf and IIIf. A sync cord, the flash, and holder could be bought with a little red plastic box coded DHMOO.

The title Chico and the Man comes from a TV sitcom aired from 1974 – 1978.

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