Graflex Journal 2 16

Big Bertha Graflex in NYC

Big Bertha Graflex in NYC

Toronto. Bob Lansdale, editor of our journal, Photographic Canadiana, just sent me this delightful issue of Ken Metcalf’s excellent publication, Graflex Journal covering the Graflex cameras.

The first two stories “Shooting the Big Bertha” by Geoffrey Berliner and “Mine is Bigger than Yours” by Ken Metcalf cover the famous Graflex popular with news and sports photographers  in the pre/post WW2 era.

I first saw one at the 2006 PHSC Spring Fair. Renaud Therrien of Montreal had the one shown here for sale (both the camera and Renaud are shown).

The balance of the 12 page Graflex Journal 2 2016  covers other cameras of interest to the Graflex collector and user.


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