A New Twist on the old Fresnel Lens

Thin lens concept at U of Utah Engineering

Thin lens concept at U of Utah Engineering

Toronto. Russ Forfar sent me this interesting link to ScienceDaily.com which reports on the work of a professor and his post grad students at the University of Utah. They have come up with a way to make super thin lenses of glass or plastic. These lenses use diffraction rather than the traditional refraction to focus all colours to a single spot.

“Electrical and computer engineering professor Rajesh Menon and his team reported their   findings in a new paper, ‘Chromatic-Aberration-Corrected Diffractive Lenses for Ultra-Broadband Focusing,’ published in the current issue of Scientific Reports. The study was co-authored by University of Utah doctoral students Peng Wang and Nabil Mohammad.”

Having proved the concept, the trio envisions practical lens in about five years. Cameras, smart phones and even eye glasses will benefit from these super thin lens elements.

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