Two Bits


Fully 25% of the web uses WordPress

Toronto. Some 412 posts ago on August 15th, 2008 I converted this site to WordPress.  My first post was about the Japanese Hand Made Camera Club. I chose WordPress for one big reason: it was so easy to use anyone could quickly learn it and use it effectively. I had in mind that at some point I would have to turn over running this site to another person and WordPress would make that task easier for me and the incumbent.

The first versions of this site in the mid 1990s were coded by me directly in HTML. As this site and the web in general became more complex and sophisticated, I moved on to a variety of editors like Go Live and Dreamweaver; editors with a much steeper learning curve than WordPress. My goal was to make this site universally readable in any popular browser.

Wishing to make the operation and management of this site simpler so anyone could take it over from me without need for special training or programs, I began to investigate the various browser-supported content management systems (CMSs). Of the bunch, only WordPress seemed simple enough to quickly learn but sophisticated enough to do what I wanted from a website.

A recent blog noted that fully 25 percent of all sites on the web today are coded with WordPress; and I am not surprised. Periodic updates have slowly added to the program’s capability. So if you wish to run a blog or other website, take a look at WordPress. The price is right – free – and WordPress even offers a free advertisement supported ISP as well so you can get your feet wet without risking a penny!

Oh, about the title of this post…  a quarter coin – 25 cents – was casually called two bits by my dad. So if 25% of all sites use WordPress, then a quarter of all sites use WordPress (I once asked how you get two bits to equal 25 cents – dad said it was easy – there was a little bit (a dime) and a big bit (a nickle and a dime)).

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