Gigaplex in 2011 Vancouver

gigaplex-vancouverToronto. At my daughter’s the other day I saw the new era of television. Her set is a huge flat screen sitting over the fireplace in her downstairs  family room. Fired up, it has many many icons for netflix, games, firefox, etc – a “smart” TV. No conventional tuner or station selector in sight, but tons of detail!

And speaking of detail (icon at left),  few days earlier at our executive meeting downtown at Clint’s condo, a letter was circulated giving a link to a gigaplex image of a crowd of about 700,000 viewing the 2011 Canucks Hockey game in downtown Vancouver. Made with gigaplex technology, the 69,000 x 30,000 2,100 gigapixel image shows the individual fans in sharp detail once you zoom in! The icon shows a few fans after I zoomed in to see the amazing detail. It was similar technology that helped quickly trace the Boston Marathon bombers.

The PHSC saw at least two other examples of digital intense images, one taken more recently than the Canucks fans image and the other a talk and show about an earlier technology that promised such images.

In late October 2013, I did a post about a gigaplex shot of the Khumbu Glacier in Washington State. This shot shows the impact of climate change on our planet.

In our November 2008 Toronto meeting Felix Russo discussed modern panorama technology including an amazing device called a Gigapan Imager. This mechanical gadget takes any digital camera and “paints” a static scene creating a massive image by stitching all the regular sized images together.

Have a look at these massive detailed images and consider the new HD TV and forthcoming 4K TV technology. makes my youthful memories of low resolution black and white TV old and gloomy history these days.

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