Newsletter 14-7

Powell-Perry-book-smToronto. Our latest issue of the PHSC Newsletter is another colourful 10 page extravaganza by editor David Bridge. Our first story as always is the coming Toronto Meeting. Every December we ofer the popular members Show and Tell plus a Christmas gift exchange and a silent auction for the support of the PHSC.

Mark Singer’s Toronto notes reports on the thorough talk given by Mike Robinson on Daguerreotypes – his favourite topic. Secretary, Awards Chairman and PHSC Press Editor John Morden announces Anna Krentz as the latest Thesis award winner. “Scotch and Coffee” notes the potential revival of ferrania colour film as Scotch Brand material.

Bob Lansdale expands on the Assiniboine image article recently published in the Photographic Canadiana using recently discovered information. Stan White offers a whimsical commentary on making a modern day antique in Birth of an Antique (the 3D effect is visible in the newsletter for those who can do the cross-eyed 3D viewing).

Louise Freyburger’s new PHSC Facebook page Canada Photographic History has proven to be very popular as is her Newsletter column New Photo Links (we used an illustration from Powell Perry’s book mentioned in this column as an icon for this post).

We announce that Photographic Canadiana 40-3 has been mailed. And finally, this issue of the  Newsletter  wraps up with the ads & current events column.  Click here to read issue 14-7 (n.b. the links in this and all Newsletters work – just click on them).

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