Historic Toronto Maps

Nathan Ng

Nathan Ng

Toronto, Ontario. March 1, 2013. Nathan Ng emailed this morning to tell me about his latest successes in updating the myriad of old maps at the Toronto Reference Library. You will find these maps of great interest if like me, you have ancestors in our great city.

Nathan reports as follows… I’m writing to you because of the positive response I received from you and the PHSC last year, to my mapping project, Goad’s Atlas of Toronto — Online! (goadstoronto.blogspot.com)
I would like to inform you regarding a new, companion endeavour you may be interested in: Historical Maps of Toronto, a free, easy to use, online collection of notable pre-1900 maps of our fair city. Highlights for researchers include the 1858 Boulton Atlas, the 1842 Cane Topological Map of the City, the 1851 Fleming Topographical Plan of the City of Toronto, and the 1860 Tremaine Map of the County of York.
The site’s address is: oldtorontomaps.blogspot.com [the full index of maps is at: http://oldtorontomaps.blogspot.ca/p/index-of-maps.html ]

I hope the site will facilitate discovery and exploration, as well as serve as a convenient resource for casual research [It’s also enormously fun to idly browse through]. These maps connect us to the city as it used to be, providing remarkable glimpses into our history and heritage.

I would be delighted if you could please share this with anyone (at the PHSC or otherwise) who would enjoy it or find it useful as a resource.

PS. a slight update regarding the Goad’s Atlas site: It has been considerably expanded since the initial launch, which covered the years 1884, 1890, 1893, and 1899. Since then, I have added the years 1903, 1910, 1913, and 1924. Also posted are the very detailed Insurance Plans of the City of Toronto for the years 1880 and 1889, as well as a bonus article on the Toronto Fires of 1904 and 1895.

Thanks for your support and attention.

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