Photographic Canadiana 38-1

Incredible as it sounds, this is the first issue of Photographic Canadiana for our thirty-eighth year!  Yes, 38 years of continuous publication, all by volunteer help. In recognition, editor Lansdale has produced a colour insert for the first time ever. The insert accompanies editor Lansdale’s excellent article on the Hicro camera made around 1915. The Hicro uses a two-plate version of the future standard tri-pack (of Ektacolor, Kodacolor and Kodachrome fame). In the colour insert, you can see the familiar orange filter which was placed on the rear of the lens instead of on the negative.  (Remember the orange hued colour negatives)?

From Left: Cover of 38-1. The ubiquitous orange filter and below, a colour print from the Hicro camera. Soft light in action and below, the Hicro Camera. WW1 soldiers from the LAC article,"A Minimum of Sentiment" by Amy Tector .

In addition to editor Lansdale’s article “On Finding a Hicro at a Trade Show?” there are “Wither Softlight of the 1930s..”, the first three programs of the new year, LAC’s Amy Tector’s thoughtful story “A minimum of Sentiment” based on the Military Hospitals Commission’s glass lantern slides, and wrapping up, George Dunbar’s  “Browsing through our Exchanges” column. If you are a member, you enjoyed the issue this week. Not a member? Well just hit the Pay Now button at right to join! No need to have a Paypal account to use Paypal either – we have you covered.

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