the long and the short of it

My two 9cm Elmars made c1939 taken with an iPod Touch

Toronto. In the 1930s, Leitz sold a special short mount coded as COOED for the ELANG 9 cm f/4 Elmar lens head. This strange focusing mount and lens head were intended for use on the rotating focusing stage coded OORES and shown here as it appears in the green pocket size Hove Leica Accessory Guide (March 1984) on page 54.

From what I can tell, the COOED compensated for the rather thick lens mount plate of the OORES allowing the lens to focus to infinity making it possible to take landscape photos using the bigger ground glass and 5x magnifier of the tripod mounted stage to frame and focus each shot.  At the time, the Leica had only a tiny squinty 5 cm viewer although other viewers could be bought and mounted on the top of the camera in its accessory shoe.

The title of this post comes from an old expression of the same name.

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