Amalgamated Photo History Newsletters

Amalgamated Newsletters Vol 2-1 January 20221

Toronto. As we enter this new year with COVID-19 raging outside, editor Bob Lansdale has put together the first amalgamation of 2021 – Vol 2-1. All members with a an email address on file at the PHSC received this pdf version today. It is an amalgamation of selected newsletters from our exchange members who gave their blessing for inclusion in this venture. This issue wraps up with a couple of photo history related articles discovered by our good friend George Dunbar.

I noted last year that these packages were coming for members, ” … we elected to compile other material in pdf files ready to send to members IF they supplied an email address AND had a fast enough internet connection to receive the 2 – 10 mb or so pdf files. …”.

Well, the Volume 2-1 file (9.8 MB) went out. If you didn’t get it but you do get our newsletters, drop me a note ( I will verify you are a 2020/2021 member and send off a copy. If you are a current member and didn’t see a copy, please check your junk folder. This and all other specials will only be sent to paid members. Not one yet? No big deal – pull your plastic and use the PayPal set up at the top right of this web page. Note: We will continue to send our excellent newsletter ‘PHSC News‘ to all who are on our MailChimp list – PHSC member or not.

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