the RED button, aunt Tilly

Ansco Color Clipper c1958 courtesy of Mike Eckman

Toronto. Late in the last century, past president Don Douglas and I represented the PHSC with a “dog and pony” show on the history of photography. Don used his camera collection to show the evolution of cameras while I showed a slide talk on the key developments from Daguerre to the Kodak camera.

Don’s talk was always entertaining. He collected mainly Ansco cameras. The name comes from one of the first photographic supply houses in America – Anthony and Scoville. Like many, I used and processed Anscochrome 35mm colour slide film. Ansco cameras stood out with their red shutter release buttons.

Don suggested that every family had an “aunt Tilly” who was unfamiliar with photography but willing to take a family photograph.¬†All that was needed was to ask “aunt Tilly” to hold the camera steady and just “press the red button”. Simple.

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