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1930 article on an Ampro projector

Toronto. When I was a school kid in grades 7 and 8 a few years after WW2, I was also an occasional  projectionist for junior classes. We showed 16mm educational movies on (to me) a massive Ampro 20 sound projector.

To my delight, I received a note from my good friend George Dunbar that included an article from the August 1930 Science and Industry magazine on an Ampro projector.

Reading it, I was thrilled to recall my experiences as a kid showing junior classes the B&W sound educational movies of the day. I remember once turning the projector’s lens out so far it dropped into my hand and from there to the concrete floor, cracking one element.

A few weeks later, a rather annoyed school principal (he was also my grade 8 teacher) showed me the repair bill for the lens – $10. While a pittance today, it was a sum representing a few days pay in those post war years.

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