43rd world used camera fair (in Japan) video

43rd World Used Camera Fair in Tokyo

Toronto. In the summer of 2008, I changed the PHSC website to use WordPress. This change was to allow non-technical members to accept the webmaster position and be able to easily add posts and pages. My first post on August 15, 2008 was an article on the “Japanese Hand Made Camera Club” suggested by an email and catalogue sent to Bob Lansdale.

And a bit over 12 years later I have the pleasure of doing this post about a Japanese used camera fair video, once again thanks to an email from Bob Lansdale. PHSC member Jim Hall over in Guelph alerted Bob who send the link over to me. As the French say, “The More It Changes, … “.

Have a look and see how the folks in Tokyo are holding a fair in this year of COVID-19. Most use masks and all displays use large glass waist-high cabinets. All sorts of interesting cameras and lenses are offered.

NB. Anything in the A2 Hosting Media database (which I use) before 2011 seems to have been removed. I had to Google my August 15, 2008 attachment to the Coffee Grinder Camera and add back to it a template created by Matthew Campagna, www.theturninggate.com from my post. This template disallows any clicks to enlarge images.

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