New Website for The Photographic Collectors’ Club of Great Britain


Toronto. One of our exchange organizations is the Photographic Collectors’ Club of Great Britain (PCCGB). David Balfour of the PCCGB is one of many folk in editor Bob Lansdale’s photo history network. David recently sent Bob an email. In it, David asks for our help and gives a contact point in the last two paragraphs of his message.

David writes, ” The new club [PCCGB] website will be going ‘live’ in early November and details about the site will be published in Photographica World 166, later this year, together with the members-only password.

“The site will be a mixture of ‘open to all’ and ‘members-only’ pages, the idea being that non-members will enjoy what’s on offer and will consider joining the PCCGB. Existing members can immediately access the huge amount of material and research items that will be exclusive to them.

“The site has been designed to allow easy update of the pages, and new pages and collecting areas will be added as the months and years go by.

“Any suggestions for new pages are very welcome, and several people have already made some excellent proposals: camera/equipment reviews can certainly be part of it (and that can be ‘classic’ collectable, new or old, film or digital) and everyone is invited to provide their own experience for this – it can be a 100 words or 1000 – it’s up to you!

“The blog pages are ideal for reviews and mentions of limited period events – the publication schedule of both Tailboard and Photographica World mean we can’t mention upcoming national and regional exhibitions etc – but the blog is an effective tool for this.

“The ‘links and forums’ pages are an ideal opportunity for the club to promote other organisations, and putting a link to and from another website is a great way of adding legitimacy and weight to the club – and that will always encourage new members.

“It’s very helpful if any members who are already registered with other collecting groups, either web or social media, can promote the site (along with the Youtube channel) just by mentioning the club, the site and especially by ‘liking’ or adding a few words as a review – that simple action creates waves out there which can come back to the club as new members.

“If you have any suggestions, feedback, corrections please let us know, first point of contact is Timothy Campbell (”

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