where is it now?

Brodie’s Color Camera

Toronto. Brodie MacPherson’s one of a kind colour camera, we mean.

Editor Bob Lansdale is busy doing an article on the late Brodie MacPherson and would like to know where his camera ended up. If you know, drop me an email at info@phsc.ca and I will pass it on.

Bob writes in part, “Born in Toronto, Ontario, on November 26, 1909, to University Professor Walter Ernest and Elsie Margaret Macpherson, Brodie was the eldest of three children and the first to attend the University of Toronto. He enrolled in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering in 1927 and graduated in 1931.

“He would go on to serve as a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force in the Second World War before returning home to start his photography business in early 1946.

“Macpherson’s engineering background, in conjunction with his subsequent years of experience working in the lithography business, would serve him well in the colour printing trade.”

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