Help! I Need Somebody

Chromotype by George Brown, Wyoming, Ontario

Toronto. As the Beatles so eloquently sang last century, our journal editor, Bob Lansdale needs your help with the history related to the photographer who took this Chromotype. For those of you unfamiliar with the process, a Chromotype uses an expensive patented process. Chromotypes retain their dynamic range even today, long after contemporary processes have faded badly.

Bob writes, “[I need] help in research for photographer George Brown in Wyoming, Ontario, ca1877-79. Brown is not listed in any of the two main photographer indexes and is shy when he came to leaving traces of his business in south-western Ontario.

“This is a Chromotype print with a hint in the image of the Western Globe newspaper that ended publication in 1879 but has gaps in its traceable issues. The license for the Chromotype process was quite costly so I would imagine that Brown would advertise and quickly offset that cost… but so far nothing.  We have Brown’s later history but lack anything in the Wyoming area.”

Please write me at and I will pass your note to Bob promptly.

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