PHSC News 19-07

A case for Canon

Toronto, Time for another great edition of our favourite newsletter – The January 2020 edition of PHSC News went out this past Friday. The number 19-07 shows this is the seventh edition for the nineteenth year! Click here or the case image at left to see this edition!

Editor Sonja Pushchak and her contributors start the new year in fine fashion. The first page, Coal Casualty, recognizes the 2019 Young Wildlife Photographer, Cruz Erdmann of New Zealand and his photo of a Big Fin Reef squid. This is followed by Concise Cunningham – Bill Cunningham and his shots of fashion on the streets of New York. Ghosts of Parties Past looks to photos of past New Year’s parties and how January 1st became known as the beginning of the year,

The Toronto File covers things ill-advised while David’s Equipment Review discusses the Olympus digitals and the high dynamic range of all digital sensors. Louise adds a trio of photo related links for your consideration (complete with hot links) in WebLinks.

This issue wraps up with PHSC Presents (including Chris Luckhardt at this month’s meeting) and PHSC Events, while Vi and Dot explain the white room and The Classifieds offer ads of interest to photo historians.

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