a phlock of photogs

LIFE magazine photographers in 1960 – 37 active and one retired.

Toronto. Nearly 60 years ago, LIFE gathered all its photographers, including one retired photographer in NYC for this group shot. It is the topic of the January 18, 1960 Speaking of Pictures column (pp 8, 9).

Of the group, only two are women – Bourke-White and Leen. Bourke-White photographed the very first cover of LIFE, Leen was the subject of a recent Ryerson thesis winner, Erin Levitsky,  whose thesis on Leen was featured in our journal (The big 45-2 issue – editor Lansdale’s 100th opus). I also see Alfred Eisenstaedt was in the group – famous for his 1930s photos of members of the nascent Nazi organization.

An equivalent group shot of famous Canadian photographers would be welcome as well as a magazine as famous as LIFE, but the heady days of photo essay magazines are long over. My thanks to good friend George Dunbar for sharing this memorable group photo with me.

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