movies, colour slides, and loose change

Save $12.85 cents in 1956

Toronto.  After about two decades of scrimping, the average person finally had some money for discretionary spending. Marketeers leaped on this largess and pummelled the common man with ideas for things he did not need. In the case of photography, the fresh ideas were home movies and colour slides.

Neither movies nor slides were viewable without a projector so Joe Average just had to have one (or two). And who could deprive his family of his child’s motion, or memories of his family in FULL COLOR?

Ansco and Bell and Howell collaborated to sell colour slide film and a slide projector saving the buyer money. While the savings seem trivial today, in 1956 that amount was a week’s salary to many in small towns. The ad was printed in LIFE magazine in the July 23, 1956 issue. Like many such ads, it was a deal LIMITED to the USA. This was due to other companies having the right to import the branded items and set prices, but deciding NOT to collaborate on the deal.

In the late 1950s I too used Anscochrome and its Easy Loader. The roll of unexposed colour slide film was even notched to fit a 35mm camera. The kit included eight unused cassettes each boldly marked with the Anscochrome logo.

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