first 8mm magazine loading movie camera

Briskin 8 Movie Camera
with an 8mm magazine load

Toronto. Remember the Revere movie camera? Sure we do! Remember the Briskin 8? The what? Never heard of it. The Briskin 8 was created by the son of the owner of Revere, Ted Briskin, when he decided to branch out on his own.

For this fascinating story, take a look at the site of the Made in Chicago Museum. This fascinating fact was unearthed by George Dunbar.

George writes.”I found this story of the Revere Movie Camera company and its founders to be quite interesting.

“Maybe my interest is because of the romantic trivia involving the founder’s son Ted Briskin, who married the Hollywood movie star, Betty Hutton.

“At one time he manufactured the Briskin 8 camera in competition with his father. His wife was featured in the advertising.”

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