the power of marketing (Argus C-four)

Argus C-four camera 1955
ad courtesy of LIFE

Toronto. In the 1950s Argus attempted to introduce a camera model to join its famous brick (C-3). The C-four was touted as being as good as most (German) cameras, even those of much higher cost. The C-four was made throughout the 1950s but wasn’t as popular as the C-3. The C-four for the most part used a single lens. The odd version allowed interchangeable Argus lenses. Once SLR cameras became the standard and especially when the Japanese cameras launched in the USA, the Argus brand rapidly disappeared.

This is an ad for the C-four courtesy of LIFE magazine on page 129 of its October 15, 1955 issue. The full ad shows a huge flash gun sitting on top of the camera in a hot shoe – another push for the amateur flash guns and bulbs of the day. The gun was an accessory and could not be mounted when the camera case was in use.

Thanks to George Dunbar for unearthing this bit of nostalgia.

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