Bolex joins the game

Bolex 8mm ad LIFE 1954

Toronto. After the world-wide 1929 stock market crash ushered in the great depression, many small companies failed. BOL SA, founded by Jacques Bogopolsky, was one of them. A Swiss company, it made cameras for cine.

Paillard SA made watch parts, music boxes, radios, typewriters etc to make money. Paillard survived the crash in relatively good shape. So good in fact, that it bought out the smaller BOL SA firm for its patents and launched the Bolex line of movie cameras as high end cameras made with Swiss precision.

Bogopolsky continued to develop cine and still cameras (Bolex cine models, Alpa SLRs) before moving across the Atlantic to the states and establishing the Bosley Camera Company.

While Bolex 8mm cameras have been around since 1936, other companies jumped on the post war band wagon for home movies. To compete, Paillard and its Bolex line began to advertise in broad consumer oriented American magazines. This example, courtesy of my friend Goldie, is from the November 15, 1954 issue of LIFE magazine (p64). Put your smartphone and its video camera back in your pocket and look over this mechanical marvel from days gone by. And check out one of our fairs or auctions – you can often see both 8mm and 16mm Bolex movie cameras offered at a good price.

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