Movies with a Fran 8K

Fran 8K Camcorder

Toronto. Ever hear of a Fran 8K camcorder? I didn’t either until an email hit my desk last Saturday morning. The resolution is huge (47.7 MP at 24 fps)  and the concept timely. The camera, available for order late this fall, uses Canon lenses and open source C++ apps to customize operation.

The programs and LUTs (Look Up Table) colour files are stored on a removable SD card. You do have a LUT controlling any screen – your computer has one – to set the correct colour balance etc.  A screen management tool for professionals can change the LUT file to correct for any colour drift so your photographic images remain accurate to your colour decisions. And so what you see is what you print.

The Fran 8K has a press release and website with the writing and images from Barcelona, Spain. The English used is not quite grammatically correct, but easily read and understood (unlike my very rough grasp of Spanish). Check out the website if you do any pro video work!

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