David Douglas Duncan 1916 – 2018

David Douglas Duncan in Miami,
Florida, April 1969. Photograph:
Ray Fisher/The LIFE Images
Collection/Getty Images

Toronto. George Dunbar dropped me a line the other day noting that the Guardian had announced the death of the famous American war photo-journalist David Douglas Duncan in France were he had lived since the 1960s. Duncan was one of last of the WW2 era soldiers.

My aunt Claire from Belgium was a young war bride who emigrated here a year after the war ended. She was born about 1924. I can still remember the excitement when she arrived in her new country and at her new town. Her father was a station master in Ghent. Now in her 90s, she is still alive.

I first learned of Duncan in the famous TIME-LFE series on photography. Duncan and his photos were featured in their THEME volume. Another famous photographer.

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