the smartphone as a camera has arrived

Snapping a picture the modern way

Toronto. Well, you know a fad has arrived in the mainstream when it begins to be lampooned. I saw a few smartphone camera comics and cartoons over the past months, then Monday morning a friend of mine out in Calgary set me a bunch of photos of people posing in humorous ways with statures, altering the intent of the sculpture. Amongst the shots was the one at left depicting the statue using a smartphone and “snapping”  others in the room.

You might try googling to see other shots, but some sites were hard to navigate and inundated with ads and links to the “10” or “20” most whatever. I googled the name of the above image – vot kak nado pozirovat so skulpturoy 9 – and of the pages listed, steemit looked best. Check it out.




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