Julian Schnabel at Ostlicht (WestLicht) Gallery this summer

Mickey Rourke
by Julian Schnabel

Toronto. Stefan Musil of the Ostlicht Gallery for Photography sent out an email on the 25th to announce that the gallery will host an exhibition of American  Julian Schnabel’s Polaroids this summer from June 7, 2018 to August 4, 2018.

Julian’s work was on diplay here in Toronto at the AGO in 2010. If you are planning to visit Vienna this summer, be sure to drop by the Ostlicht Gallery.

Julian says in part, “I never intended to show the pictures I took. The Polaroids are documents of places I built, sculptures I made, people I know, the process of painting. I used the camera as a medium.  Because of the camera I had the experience.

“Anomalies, idiosyncrasies, light leaks and accidents form the character of these photographs – I just happen to press the button. Using this camera is like riding a good horse, you just hold onto the reins and let her run.

“I don’t have a camera.  I don’t walk around taking photos. It was this particular camera that I became engaged with.”

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