famous pix revisited

the 1913 Grand Prix by Lartigue

Toronto. Well trust my good friend George Dunbar to find unusual and interesting web sites related to photography! George spotted the Atlas Obscura site the other day and dropped me an email. The article is called “Miniature Models of History’s Most Famous Photographs” It was written back on May 11th by Anika Burgess. The story of the miniatures is recounted in a book called Double Take published by Thames & Hudson, who published “The History of Photography” by the Gernsheims in 1969. I bought my copy in 1971, a few years before the PHSC was established.

The photo I chose for this post is “Making of Grand Prix A.C.F. (by Jacques-Henri Lartigue, 1913)”. The original was reproduced in the famous TIME-LIFE series on photography published nearly a half century ago. The photograph shows the distortion caused by early focal plane shutters when used to capture fast moving objects.

The reproduction photo  is in the first book of the series, titled “The Camera“. It appears on page 162 in the article “The Newspaperman’s Standby” in a section called “Cameras That Made History

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