film and cinema in East Toronto and the Beach

Family theatre in the Beach
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Toronto. Les Jones reminded me that the well known film historian and newspaper columnist Bernie Fletcher will be speaking tonight at the Beaches Library, 2161 Queen St East, at 7 pm. Anyone who has lived in this city remembers the Beach and its charming stores along Queen. The library is in the Beaches Park on the south side of Queen, just west of Lee and east of Waverley. Talk is free courtesy of (The Beach and East Toronto Historical Society).

Les and the late Robert Gutteridge were members of the PHSC. Robert wrote Magic Moments, about the first two decades of moving pictures in Toronto (1894-1914). Robert was a cinema historian who unfortunately died before he could address the more recent history of movies here. His extensive collection moved to Montreal and PHSC member Francois LeMai, another cinema historian.

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