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Kodak Girl(s) on catalogues

Toronto. Have you ever heard of the Kodak Girl?” No? She was the brainchild of George Eastman many years ago. Men bought cameras. Men looked at pretty women, Case closed! Oh, yes, and the Kodak Girl showed the women of the day how easy it was for them to snap a picture with a Kodak!

Once again I have to send out a big thank you to my friend George Dunbar who emailed me a thoughtful reminder of the popularity Kodak had with its “Kodak Girl” who was featured in advertisements, in house brochures, and consumer catalogues. The Kodak Girl always had a camera in hand and usually showed how it was used. She was updated from time to time so she was always a fresh face for each generation of camera buyers. The Kodak Girl advertisements lasted well over half a century.

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