The First Parliament Project

Our First Parliament

Toronto. Katelynn Northam sent our President, Lewko (Clint) Hryhorijiw, via our website, an email regarding Toronto’s First Parliament project. Our province was variously known as Upper Canada, Canada West, etc, before the entire country was called the Dominion of Canada after the 1867 confederation.

Katelynn writes, “In November 2017, the City of Toronto initiated a new project to develop the site where the First Parliament buildings stood from 1797-1824 — located at the unassuming corner of Front Street and Parliament Street in downtown Toronto.

“The site carries important historical themes that to this day reveal the fascinating evolution of the City, the Province, and even the Nation. It was here that the legislation and policies emerged that would chart the path of a new nation and affect the lives of countless people.

“The First Parliament project will involve a detailed examination of the site’s history followed by the development of strategies for telling the site’s colourful stories. These strategies will then become the foundation for a Master Plan that will define how the site might be developed and for what purposes.

“Public and stakeholder engagement will be an essential part of the process. To that end, we are inviting everyone who is interested —whether in the site’s history or about how this part of the City is evolving— to sign up for additional information on the project and to receive updates on the upcoming engagement process. “” Something old. Something new. The First Parliament Project.”

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