The Tree Planters at Stephen Bulger Gallery

Rita Leistner exhibit at Stephen Bulger Gallery

Toronto. Stephen Bulger, long a force in this city, announced the latest exhibit at his gallery.

The announcement states, “The Stephen Bulger Gallery is pleased to present ‘The Tree Planters’, our first solo exhibition of work by Canadian artist Rita Leistner.

“The Tree Planters

Exhibition Dates: October 21 – November 18, 2017
Reception for the Artist: Saturday, October 21, 6-9pm
Online Preview: beginning October 14 at
Panel Discussion: Wednesday November 8, 6-7:30pm (RSVP)
To RSVP please email or call the gallery at 416.504.0575

“Having planted over a half a million trees between 1983 and 1992, Leistner perceives this series as an homage of sorts, to all the Canadian tree planters; past, present, and future. Canadian tree planting is unique in the world and is entering its third generation. It has become an indelible part of our national identity, changing not only the geographic landscape of Canada, but also its cultural mindset. It is an essential contributor to Canada being the world leader in sustainable forest management, which all our futures depend on.”

The concept strikes a chord with me. In the spring of 1951 or 2 I spent my easter holidays as a tree planter of sorts. A bunch of us went to Minesing, near Springwater park to pull and tie pine seedlings to be planted nearby to replace trees cut down. This was part of a government reforestation project.

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