Yashica 44LM in LIFE


Toronto. Yashica were very busy mid last century. One series of Yashica cameras took on the mighty Rollei TLRs. The Yashica versions came in the identical 120 roll film size and in the smaller size using 127 roll film.

I bought my sister the 44LM in a grey finish. The little beauty used 127 film, gave oversize 2×2 inch slides, and had a built-in light meter making day-time photos “a snap”. She took many photos with the Yashica until it met an untimely death. Always kept on a shelf in her bedroom, one day it was accidentally pulled down and crashed to the hardwood floor, never to focus again.

The quarter page ad is from page 72 of the March 9th, 1962 issue of LIFE magazine. A tip of the hat to my friend George Dunbar for suggesting this ad  and bringing back memories of my sister’s enthusiastic use of her Yashica camera.


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