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Exchange Journals

Toronto. Any group or society needs to have a list of its members, including photo historical societies. Our society was founded in late 1974 and began to issue a regular newsletter/journal in March 1975.

Most members are paying members. That, plus events like annual fairs, fund the society. Late in May 0f 1983 we recorded our first exchange member, the Pennsylvania PHS. Exchange members are similar groups who have agreed to swap newsletters or journals in lieu of paying the annual membership fee. In 1984, under the guidance of the late Bill Belier, exchange membership grew to 22 (the PPHS dropped out after the first year of exchange).

By the late 1990s, we had about 47 exchange members which has dwindled to 20 by this year for many reasons (mostly changing interests). Exchange newsletters are reviewed and the review is sent out with the journal. The newsletters are then filed in our library and available on request to any current member.

When the pandemic hit and social contact was discouraged, editor Bob Lansdale led a few other members to send a set of exchange newsletters via pdf to all current members. Bob arranged permission for those newsletters used in the pdf release. He then grouped each set as a magazine supplement. If you are a current member and haven’t seen the newsletter supplements, drop me a note at info@phsc.ca.

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