a wing and a prayer

One of Geroge Hunter’s Aerial Cameras

Toronto. The late George Hunter spoke to us a couple of times (Tales of a Photographer in January 2003; Songs of the Future at the AGO in summer 2011). George took iconic photographs across North America using a war-time aerial camera and a small two person airplane to take many of them.

A natural story teller, George gave stomach grabbing descriptions of his work across the years including leaning out of aircraft with purposely missing doors and falling out on the strut while trying for a photo. He valued a good shot over the risk to life and limb.

He told a story of borrowing a plane and pilot in Edmonton and removing a door. A few months later, the owner of the aircraft emailed me to confirm the story! Scary stuff!

Near the end of his life, an exhibition of his work was on display at the Mississauga City Hall. The beautiful photographs were all printed on a professional ink jet printer from scanned negatives.  George died at age 92 on April 10, 2013. Many of us attended his memorial in Mississauga 10 days later.

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