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PHSC Supplement 2-2 March 2021

Toronto.  The PHSA’s  Northlight is featured once again as our special members-only supplement. As a member of the PHSC, you received this supplement Friday, the 5th of March.

Vol 2-2 was sent out last Friday afternoon to all current members with an email address. If you did NOT get a copy, please email me at info@phsc.ca and I will send you a copy after verification of your membership. Not YET a member? well, for heaven’s sake! Grab your plastic and register via PayPal on the upper right of this page! And you can donate to the society the same way via PayPal, or go to our Canada Helps entry on the link below the PAY NOW button.

As stated in this supplement, “The NORTHLIGHT was the Journal of the Photographic Historical Society of America, once published quarterly. The Photographic Historical Society of America became a formal organization in November of 1973, and the first issue of their journal came out in the spring of 1974 with John S. Craig as editor. Eaton S. Lothrop Jr, Matthew R. Isenberg and Nathan R. Skipper Jr. functioned as the advisory board. Several other societies were involved in the publication: The Ohio Camera Collectors Society, Midwest Photographic Historical Society, Chesapeake Antiquarian Photographic Society and the Western Camera Collectors Association.

“In their first issue, John Craig stated that NORTHLIGHT was destined to become the magazine of photographic collectors and historians everywhere. As the journal of the Photographic Historical Society of America, it was to report in each issue on the activities of affiliated and participating societies in the PHSA and was to provide a calendar of events for these societies around the country.

“Following in this PDF is the NORTHLIGHT Double Issue Vol. 6 No. 3-4, Fall-Winter 1979-80. At this time, John Dobran was Executive Editor. This appears to be the last issue that was produced.

“The PHSC makes two appearances in the NORTHLIGHT issue. The calendar of events in this issue features a PHSC posting for the 6th annual Camera Fair on June 14-15, 1980 at the Park Plaza Hotel in Toronto. As well, the Photosphere section reports the appointment of the new PHSC directors for the upcoming year (some of those names are still associated with the society).

“In an effort to make this material available to collectors, historians and those interested in the history of photography, this content was digitized by the Photographic Historical Society of Canada (PHSC) and Milan Zahorcak in 2019 and 2020 for distribution to PHSC members. If you have any questions or would like higher resolution scans of any of the images, please contact the PHSC at info@phsc.ca.”

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