Toronto then and now…

Toronto Down town in 1931 and 2013.

Toronto. Then and now photos of the same part of a city have been appealing for many years. My good friend George Dunbar used various techniques over the years to allow this great city to be compared. I first saw this idea in books by Mike Filey years back.

More recently various photographers have interpreted the growth of both Toronto and Montreal by recording the today at the same cross street and with a modern camera and lens using roughly the same field of view so one can see the city’s progress (well, change anyway).

George experimented at times with photos that were part old monochrome images and modern day colour images carefully blended in Photoshop. This 1931 vs.2013 example looks to be a panorama shot of downtown Toronto. You can see parts of the same two buildings in each shot, and also part of the Lakeshore. Click on the small image or here to see the photos at a  more comfortable size.

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