to the victor …

1935 ad for Victor cameras

Toronto. … go the spoils (well, most times). Do you remember the Victor 16mm movie gear? The majority of their products suffered from very small sales. A government contract during WW2 was far more promising as was their knockoff of the B&H Filmo camera.

The Iowa company stuck with 16mm movie gear as far as I can tell. The cameras and projectors are of modest interest to collectors. Like many products, Victor added Disney characters to some advertisements. For example, the above left advertisement from the July, 1935 issue of American Cinematographer magazine features the Mickey Mouse character and a letter from Walt Disney.

My thanks to good friend and retired cinematographer, George Dunbar, for sharing this historic find with us. When we once more are able to have fairs, you may just possibly discover someone offering a Victor camera or projector. While the Victor company always stated they were the first to offer 16mm cameras, Eastman Kodak actually beat them to market by a few weeks according to this Wikipedia article.

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