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International Photographer article on Roy Tash and the Quints

Toronto. An article in the International Photographer for December, 1935 sure brought back memories. The article was called, “Shooting the Quints”. Both Roy Tash and the Quints were famous, especially here in Canada. Roy was an expert in cinematography, while the quints were the first quintet of babies ever to be born and survive back then.

Bill Belier and Ev Roseborough knew Roy and set out to meet with him back in October, 1988 for an interview to be published in a Journal article.  Sadly Roy was too ill to see them and died a few weeks later on that December. Bill Belier saw Roy’s daughter instead and finished his article titled, “Roy Tash – Canada’s Eyes and Ears of the World” for the Photographic Canadiana 14-5 (P16-18) dated March – April 1989.

My thanks to George Dunbar – good friend and enthusiastic photography researcher – for sharing this article on Mr Tash with us.

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