Restoration of 165 year old photographs

Winter Family c 1850 in the Winter Studio, Derby, England

Toronto. My friend and PHSC member George Dunbar continues to amaze me uncovering some fascinating sources of photographic history. In this case, a studio in Derby, England (just north of Birmingham in central England) is celebrating its first 150 years by restoring old glass plate negatives discovered in the basement of their building.

According to the BBC article, the W.W. Winter studio has been in the same building for 150 years. It began 15 years earlier in a shed just metres away from where it is today.

Restoration of the glass plates, supported by Britain’s Heritage Lottery Fund, is underway as part of the celebration. Fortunately for history, the old plates were casually dumped in the basement of the current building and the studio does restorations as a service. That, plus the fact the studio remained in the same location for a century and a half, meant the old plates could be found and restored. Take a look at the article. Wonderful!

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