Rene Groebli – his early work

Rene Grobli “Das Auge der Liebe”, 1952

Toronto. The folks at the Anzenberger Gallery in Vienna sent me an email Saturaday promoting two photographers with exhibits in the gallery from early April to mid June of this year. The photo and icon at left translates to “the eye of the dear” in English.

For the bio of M Groebli Anzenberger says, “In 1943 René Groebli starts to take photographs with his father’s new Rolleiflex camera. Discovering his passion for the medium, he decides to become a professional photographer. Up to 1955 he produces countless stories; from artistic projects to travels, reportages and portraits of people such as Le Corbusier, Charlie Chaplin or Robert Frank.

“During this decade he achieves international success with his two books ‘Rail Magic’ and ‘The Eye of Love’ and the participation in Edward Steichen’s seminal exhibition ‘The Family of Man’. With ‘Early Work’ AnzenbergerGallery will present a comprehensive overview of the incredible trove of images of the today 90-year old photographer produced from 1945 – 1955.”

Take a look at the exhibits past, present, and future in this fine Austrian gallery. They sell various photographs as well so you may even expand your collection…

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