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www.phsc.ca QR code by  http://goqr.me/

www.phsc.ca QR code by

Toronto. A few years back, the Globe and Mail ran some advertisements and suggested we “read” the ad for more information using a QR reader. Curious, I searched for such a reader on my iPod Touch and an app called Layar showed up. I downloaded this free app and “viewed” the ad using this app. To my surprise a web page was opened with much more detail. (Layar also generates QR codes, apparently.)

The other night at a PHSC executive meeting a question was raised about using a QR code for the society journal. To my surprise, our VP Ashley Cook casually mentioned QR generators can be found for free! Tempted, I did a Google search and downloaded a “free” generator. The first one claimed to be free, then asked for a small monthly fee. The second one did indeed create a free QR code and only asked for a Facebook “like” in return.

It worked and I gladly gave it a “like” The icon at the upper left of this post was created using this free service and takes you to our web site’s home page if you use a QR reader. Truly magic!

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