PHSC News newsletter for May 2020

Mamiya Professional Camera

Toronto. Our latest issue of PHSC News in pdf format was released yesterday by our inspired editor Sonja Pushchak and her team in this trying time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Page 1 offers “World Pressure”; page 2 covers  a virtual presentation on making a cereal commercial at home (since our monthly Toronto meetings are currently on hold); and in “Pandemic Follies” we see how others are not coping that well with the pandemic.

Photo Book 101 on page 4 discusses the TPL online (Toronto Public Libraries), while the Streamables on page 5 talks of the challenges faced by Franklin and Co. 1-3/4 centuries ago. David Bridge talks focus stacking with software in his Equipment Review. David follows this effort by once again helping partner Louise Freyburger with a trio of interesting web links. As a wrap, PHSC Events and the Classifieds are book ends for “Vi and Dot” who address movie fan magazines like PHOTOPLAY so popular last century.

Click here for the current issue or check out this and past issues under NEWSLETTER on the menu bar.

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