PHSC News for June 2020

c1940 war time ROSS HK-7 camera by Victor Hasselblad

Toronto. My, it’s June 2020 already and the infamous COVID-19 pandemic is in decline (or is it waiting to re-emerge even deadlier this winter, like the 1918 Spanish Flu did in late 1918 and early 1919?).

Meantime, our editor extraordinaire, Sonja Pushchak, has composed the final issue of PHSC News (20-02 – June 2020) before our summer break.

Page 1 reflects the assistance our country gave to our eastern long term care (LTC) homes; followed by page 2 and a virtual rendering of notes in place of the usual PHSC Presents. Page 3 tackles the idiosyncrasies of policies to avoid COVID-19; while page 4 discusses attempts to rewrite history by erasing photos. Page 5 presents Sarah Cooper and her take on the silly advice emanating from American president Trump on avoiding infection. Filters are reviewed by David, followed by his web links helping partner Louise (NB my copy of Kodak’s print guide uses both a white and a black model, each to great effect).

Page 8 covers alternatives for our monthly meetings plus a note from Celio, our programme coordinator. On page 9, Vi and Dot discuss the Dutch Bob hair cut and the impact of some famous folk who wore it including Louise Brooks (my favourite silent movie actress). This issue wraps up with the classifieds on page 10. If you do nothing else this month, check out Randy Rainbow and his parodies of G&S songs using strange utterances by the Donald himself.

You can visit this issue by clicking on the camera above, or g0ing to the menu item NEWSLETTER. There is a drop down menu to take you to older issues dating back a couple of decades to the very beginning of newsletters.

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