PHRC Conference 2020 De Montfort University

PHRC Conference is online in 2020 (June 15, 16)

Toronto. Our Programme co-ordinator, Celio Barreto, is joining this prestigious conference on photographic history in Leicester U.K. tomorrow and Tuesday (June 15, 16). Everything (including registration) will be online in this time of COVID-19.

The full title of the conference  at De Montfort University is: Camera Education
Photographic Histories of Visual Literacy, Schooling, and the Imagination

Celio writes in part, “I’m on Day Two, Panel 6: Social and Political Propaganda, chaired by Gil Pasternak.
“I am very happy, thrilled and nervous, and just wanted to share this update with you!”

You may recall that in addition to teaching at Seneca and handling our programmes, Celio has spoken twice at our Toronto monthly meetings on his area of expertise – Japanese photography in the 1800s.

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