photography and the back stitch

a dozen stitches close the skin post surgery

Toronto. I did a few posts on the value of photography in medicine like this post, “medical-photography” in 2019. The focus in these posts is the value of photography to the physician. But what about the patient? Can it help him too in a personal and practical sense?

This post addresses just such a situation. A patient returns home after minor surgery on his back, but cannot see the surgical area. Enter photography. Here at left you can see the stitches on the back after the surgeon has removed a portion of the skin that contained basal cell carcinoma cells in previous biopsies.

Without photography, one could perhaps get a brief glimpse by convoluted mirrors, or a description by an observer. With photography we can actually see the result and mark the progress as the stitches are removed and the skin heals. Another fine example of medical photography, this time from the patient’s point of view.

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