perhaps well named?

A 1925 ad for the Debrie “interview”, model E movie camera

. The December 1925 issue of American Cinematographer carried an ad for the Debrie Interview, model E camera called “The Greatest of all Motion Picture cameras”. It was said to be ‘light’ at 14 pounds. With a body made of  ‘5 ply walnut’ it was claimed to withstand ‘all climatic changes’.

While I have never heard of Andre Debrie or his cameras, apparently they were rather rare. Collectors valued a 1908 model of the ‘Interview’ camera at around 2,000 USD a couple of decades ago.

I guess a 14 pound, 8x10x6 inch camera would hardly be called ‘light’ today in this age of smartphone video technology! Selfies anyone?

Our thanks to good friend George Dunbar for sharing this piece of history with us.

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