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Ad for a new Kodak camera factory opened in 1939

Toronto. The great depression was a nightmare for most folks, culminating in the second world war. A sliver of silver lining in the gloomy clouds of depression was the fall in most retail prices. By June of 1939, even the mighty Kodak took out an advertisement to say they were building a factory addition that would reduce the cost of their cameras to ‘new low prices’.

Up here, Kodak Canada was the cluster of buildings at Eglinton and what is now Black Creek drive. Sadly the Rochester campus and that in Mount Denis fell to the wrecker’s ball when film was replaced by electronic sensors and digital technology. Bob Burley of Ryerson spoke on the loss of the Mount Denis campus in February, 2007.

Once again, we are indebted to our good friend and able researcher, George Dunbar, for both sourcing and sharing this bit of photographic memorabilia from Popular Mechanics on the eve of WW2 up here and in much of Europe. Well done, George.

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