more than skin-deep

getting a chest x-ray in 1939

Toronto. Do you remember when you had an annual chest x-ray to detect TB? No? You must be a lot younger than me! This Popular Mechanics article from the January, 1939 issue shows how Westinghouse made an ‘electronic flash’ gizmo to take X-rays in a fraction of a second to avoid unintended movement.

I remember getting an annual x-ray after WW2 when just a little kid. A photograph depicts the x-ray system in action. I can still remember pressing my little chest against the film plate like the girl in this photo.

Thank you to my good friend and fellow PHSC member, George Dunbar for sharing this interesting article about chest x-rays before WW2. It brought back some more memories of days long past.

The title is a play on an old saying, “Beauty is only skin-deep” which implied that a person’s personality is more important his/her looks.

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