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1998 book of photos and conversations with many of the LIFE magazine photographers

Toronto. A big presence in the magazine world of last century was LIFE magazine. The magazine, based in NYC, had its own stable of photographers. In October, 1998, a book by John Loengard, called “Life Photographers: What They Saw” was released by Bullfinch Press.

The 456 page book, “A collection of interviews and 270 photographs traces the work, experiences, and careers of the original staff photographers of LIFE magazine, documenting how they pioneered the picture story and the photographic essay.”

In a recent email exchange with George Dunbar, he explained, “I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently—–books, magazines, newspapers.

“A few books from the public library and others out of my own library that I’d forgotten about. Finally read this marvellous book of interviews with 44 of LIFE magazine’s photographers.  It’s been in my library for the last 25 years. I probably only looked at the photos back then, but now decided to read the text. A wonderful experience!

“Between 1936 and 1998 Life had, at various times, 91 different staff photographers. They all, apparently, had careers of wonder, excitement, danger, fear and success.

“I suppose photographers, like the rest of us, have many and varied beliefs … ”

Visit your local library or buy a used copy of the book to learn more about many famous America photographers and see some icon photographs.

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